Magazine Stories by Summer 2023

Creative License


Can a graphic designer and creative director also be a fine artist? Yes, as Lisa Hunt proved repeatedly.

Creative License2024-02-01T09:22:28-06:00

Imagining Home


Even before they found it and moved in, a London design couple knew exactly the kind of house they wanted for themselves and their children

Imagining Home2023-09-01T09:36:50-05:00

Shore Lines


The interior designer and architect of a new house in suburban Chicago ensured that its most prominent feature, Lake Michigan, remained the centerpiece of every room

Shore Lines2023-09-01T09:36:14-05:00

The French Connection


La Bastide de Moustiers, in the south of France, began as a simple farm dwelling. Under the tutelage of chef Alain Ducasse, it has morphed into a home that welcomes everyone.

The French Connection2023-06-01T10:14:25-05:00

Going Natural


As a traveling exhibition of works by Edvard Munch makes clear, the artist invested his scenes of nature with as much emotion and personality as he did his figures

Going Natural2023-06-01T10:14:16-05:00

In Full Bloom


The best experiences of the outdoors were found indoors at the 33rd annual Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville in February. MILIEU was honored to be the national media sponsor of the opening keynote lecture, “The Beauty of Home & Entertaining with Aerin & Alice,” referring to Aerin Lauder, who heads her namesake brand, AERIN, and Alice Naylor-Leyland, who founded the tablescape brand Mrs. Alice.

In Full Bloom2023-06-01T12:00:15-05:00

A Greek Idyll


Miguel Flores-Vianna has been everywhere in the world and has met, seemingly, everyone worth meeting in it, “Greece has been a constant part of the rhythm of my life.” In his new book, Haute Bohemians: Greece, the Argentine-born Flores-Vianna writes of his ongoing travels to the southernmost country in Europe.

A Greek Idyll2023-06-01T10:14:09-05:00


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