Magazine Stories by Winter 2024

The Nature of Things


A noted London design couple look often to what lies outdoors—the shapes, forms, flora, colors of the natural world—for inspiration about how to live inside their home

The Nature of Things2024-04-05T10:45:44-05:00

Montecito Mellow


A couple decided to scale back to a smaller house in their hometown, but needed Richard Hallberg to make it bright and serene with California light

Montecito Mellow2024-04-05T10:39:27-05:00

Modern Vintage


Heidi Caillier was intent on mixing eras and moods in a client’s century-old house in a quiet Seattle neighborhood

Modern Vintage2023-12-05T11:49:29-06:00

A Pattern of Life


Gilly Newberry’s confident eye and collaborative spirit shaped a successful career that continues to influence the world of design. Bennison Fabrics introduces a fabric named in her honor.

A Pattern of Life2023-12-05T11:39:14-06:00

Entering a Kingdom


Visitors to Umbria’s 11th-century Reschio live in a medieval castle, but one that has been updated by its family to luxuriously accommodate modern-day life

Entering a Kingdom2023-12-05T11:39:03-06:00


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