Magazine Stories by Summer 2022

The Ultimate Bath


Barbara Sallick remembers a particular shower she took nearly four decades ago. As she recalls in her new book, The Ultimate Bath (Rizzoli), she and her husband had purposely checked into a deluxe suite at London’s Claridge House so that they could try out the bathroom—use that very room as inspiration for what was then their still-nascent company, Waterworks.

The Ultimate Bath2022-12-07T11:46:10-06:00

Getting Possessive


Maria Hummer-Tuttle understands the objects she owns—that they needn’t be valuable to be of value. Although she has long appreciated this perspective on the artworks, statuettes, jewelry, dishware—even the crayon drawings done by her grandchildren—in her possession, Hummer-Tuttle came to understand it in a profound way years ago while in her Los Angeles home.

Getting Possessive2022-09-01T10:13:37-05:00

Collection of Swedish Bowls and Table


COLLECTION OF SWEDISH BOWLS AND TABLE Collection of 18th-c. and 19th-c. Swedish bowls, Swedish butter stand, and 19th-c. table with single drawer, W. GARDNER, LTD.,

Collection of Swedish Bowls and Table2022-06-02T12:06:46-05:00

Tumbler Cups, Iron Lantern, and Sculpture Base


TUMBLER CUPS, IRON LANTERN, AND SCULPTURE BASE Silver hand-beaten tumbler cups by Rose Uniacke, BROOKS THOMAS, Canvas and iron lantern, NICKY HASLAM STUDIO,  Ivory rice stone Cubist sculpture on base, by Arteriors, TRIBUTE GOODS,  [...]

Tumbler Cups, Iron Lantern, and Sculpture Base2022-06-02T12:06:55-05:00

Welsh Windsor Chair and Pine Cricket Table


WELSH WINDSOR CHAIR AND PINE CRICKET TABLE 18th-c. primitive Welsh Windsor armchair, 19th-c. pine cricket table with early brown paint, SKELTON CULVER STEFFLEN,  19th-c. etched Cotswolds pitcher, vintage coupes Lyon, BACK ROW HOME,  [...]

Welsh Windsor Chair and Pine Cricket Table2022-06-02T12:07:01-05:00

Creamware and Demilune Console


CREAMWARE AND DEMILUNE CONSOLE Creamware jelly molds, pair of Swedish canisters, ironstone hot water pitcher, pair of 19th-c. creamware tureens, white Monteith bowl, mustard jar on a stand, pair of 18th-c. demilune consoles, all W. GARDNER, LTD.,  [...]

Creamware and Demilune Console2022-06-02T12:07:08-05:00

Candelabra, Ceramic Candlestick, and Chinese Oil Burners


CANDELABRA, CERAMIC CANDLESTICK, AND CHINESE OIL BURNERS 19th-c. wire candelabra, W. GARDNER, LTD.,  18th-c. Dutch ceramic candlestick, and pair of Chinese oil burners, W. GARDNER, LTD., 

Candelabra, Ceramic Candlestick, and Chinese Oil Burners2022-06-02T12:07:24-05:00

Collection of Glassware and Worktable


COLLECTION OF GLASSWARE AND WORKTABLE 19th-c. French apothecary double flacon and 19th-c. English glass tazze, W. GARDNER, LTD., Antique etched pitchers, decanters, and wine glasses, CHATEAU DOMINGUE,  Large decanter, SIMON PEARCE, 19th-c. Swedish porcelain [...]

Collection of Glassware and Worktable2022-06-02T12:07:31-05:00

Porcelain Bowl and Demilune Console


PORCELAIN BOWL AND DEMILUNE CONSOLE Reticulated porcelain bowl from Lyon, BACK ROW HOME,  18th-c. Swedish pine demilune console, W. GARDNER, LTD., 

Porcelain Bowl and Demilune Console2022-06-02T12:07:37-05:00


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