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Seasonal Transformations


When she’s at her California home, a Houston interior designer marks the seasons by tying on new slipcovers—colors and prints for the fall and winter, and calmer pastels for spring and summer

Seasonal Transformations2022-12-14T10:31:27-06:00

Shared Vision


The imaginative color and poetic firebrand of Milton Avery is revealed in a touring landmark exhibition

Shared Vision2022-08-31T10:43:38-05:00

In Spirit


Helen Ballard travels the world. During a week-long visit to Laos, she found colors and textures, rituals and customs unlike any in the 60 countries she has visited to date.

In Spirit2022-08-31T10:43:30-05:00

A Natural Woman


The professional collaboration between publishing legend Marian McEvoy and designer Kerry Joyce is grounded in nature-and mutual respect

A Natural Woman2022-08-31T10:43:22-05:00

The Great Cover-Up


Slipcovers allow you to make changes at home without making changes—or much of one. Old furniture becomes new. Add tassels and piping, trims and fringes, skirts and pleats to the slipcover, and the possibilities for transforming furniture and the rooms in which they figure become even greater—as Katrin Cargill, MILIEU's European Style Editor, proves here.

The Great Cover-Up2022-08-31T10:50:08-05:00

Freud Armchair


FREUD ARMCHAIR Freud armchair, HOWE LONDON,, covered in Taza, color: Indigo, GUY GOODFELLOW COLLECTION,, trimmed in Inca tassel fringe, color: Azul, SAMUEL & SONS,; cushion in Poulton stripe (item #L-061), FERMOIE at WELLS ABBOTT, [...]

Freud Armchair2022-08-31T10:07:01-05:00

Brewster Chair


BREWSTER CHAIR Brewster chair, GEORGE SMITH at BROOKS THOMAS,, in Armand Stripe, color: Catnip, CLASSIC CLOTH,, trimmed in Torero beaded fringe, color: Nopal, SAMUEL & SONS, Background fabric in Georgina, color: Oatmeal, OTIS TEXTILES, [...]

Brewster Chair2022-08-31T10:07:28-05:00

Jules Sofa


JULES SOFA Jules sofa, GEORGE SMITH at BROOKS THOMAS,, covered in Georgina, color: Oatmeal, OTIS TEXTILES,, trimmed in Scallop (item #TSB20/02), CHELSEA TEXTILES,; Glynn, color: Juniper, COLEFAX AND FOWLER,, trimmed in Harbour Barrel [...]

Jules Sofa2022-08-31T10:07:40-05:00

Howe London Banquette


HOWE LONDON BANQUETTE HOWE LONDON banquette,, covered in Rimini, color: Olive, MANUEL CANOVAS,, trimmed in Saison cord with tape, color: Capri, SAMUEL & SONS,; seat cushion in Grevillea, color: Olive, FABRICUT,; small cushions [...]

Howe London Banquette2022-08-31T10:07:53-05:00


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