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BEJEWELED Be dazzled by these new items of jewelry—designed and made by some of the leading jewelers of our time. Broaches, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets have the power to redefine how we appear in the world. Victor [...]


Family Retreat


A Spanish family leaves Madrid on weekends for their home in the country, a place as much for themselves as it is for their guests

Family Retreat2022-05-13T02:59:02-05:00

A Modern Farmstead


For an organic produce farm near Nashville, architect Bobby McAlpine designed a residence that feels as natural to the landscape as the crops that flourish there

A Modern Farmstead2022-05-13T02:59:54-05:00

By Hand


BY HAND When Lulu Lytle, founder of Soane Britain, took off on a road trip throughout England, she was in search of something she knew was in abundance in her nation, but which was fast disappearing: expert [...]

By Hand2022-05-13T03:00:57-05:00

Shear Perfection


A couple, along with scores of resident sheep, occupy in harmony a remote Scottish isle. The resulting wools are worn around the world.

Shear Perfection2022-05-13T03:01:41-05:00

On The Wall


Many years ago, Marthe Armitage took it upon herself to transform her family's London home with wallpaper she designed and made. That domestic project grew into a thriving wallpaper company and a lifelong career that has brought her professional accolades.

On The Wall2022-05-13T03:02:26-05:00

My Chattanooga


As owners of Revival Home, Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall are players in the successful revival of a great Tennessee city. They lead us to their favorite destinations.

My Chattanooga2022-05-13T03:03:06-05:00

The Art of Rugs


Inspired by her paintings, Charlotte Culot's luxurious carpets are an artful foundation for any room—whether on the floor or the wall

The Art of Rugs2022-05-13T03:22:36-05:00


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